LEMS Physician Locator

Find local doctors with experience treating Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome (LEMS)

This search tool can help you find qualified physicians in your area who have experience diagnosing and treating people with LEMS.

    Consult with your insurance provider prior to your first appointment to determine healthcare coverage for this provider.

    The healthcare providers listed in this directory are not part of Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and do not pay or receive any money in order to be listed in the directory. Inclusion of a provider in the directory does not constitute a referral, recommendation, endorsement, or verification of the provider’s credentials, qualifications, or abilities. In the same way, the absence of any provider’s name and information from the directory shall not be construed as any negative comment or criticism by Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. about the provider’s credentials, qualifications, or abilities.

    Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, Inc., as well as its employees and vendors, shall not be held liable for any damages or harm resulting from any use or reliance on the information contained within the directory, and any and all of that information can be modified, amended, removed, or deleted, including removal of the entire directory, by Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. at any time without notice.

    To report a problem with the LEMS Physician Locator, please email Catalyst at PhysicianLocator@CatalystPharma.com

    If you are a healthcare provider who treats LEMS, including neurologists and those at a multidisciplinary center, and would like to be added to the LEMS Physician Locator database, please email Catalyst at PhysicianLocator@CatalystPharma.com. If you are listed in the LEMS Physician Locator database and would like to be removed, please contact Catalyst at 1-305-420-3200.

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    If you need assistance with general questions about FIRDAPSE that are not related to the physician locator, please use advocacy@catalystpharma.com.

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