Firdapse is the only FDA-approved treatment for pediatric patients (6 years of age and older)

Dosing for pediatric patients ≥ 6 years of age*

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Review general FIRDAPSE dosing information here.

*Safety of FIRDAPSE was evaluated in pediatric patients in an expanded access program, where 21 pediatric patients received FIRDAPSE for at least 1 year. Adverse reactions reported in pediatric patients were similar to those seen in adult patients, with the exception of clinically significant weight loss in two pediatric patients at doses of 60 mg per day and higher.2

The lowest starting initial daily dosage is recommended for adult and pediatric patients with kidney or liver impairment, or patients who slowly metabolize FIRDAPSE.

Titration can help you reach your optimal therapeutic dose

Titration is an important step for new patients who are just getting started on FIRDAPSE and have not taken amifampridine before. By completing the titration process with your doctor, you can:

  • Determine your optimal therapeutic dose of FIRDAPSE
  • Maximize neuromuscular benefit 
  • Minimize issues with tolerability, including paresthesia


If you have dosing adjustments <5 mg, have trouble swallowing tablets, or require a feeding tube, a liquid formulation of FRIDAPSE can be prepared. Please refer to the Medication Guide.

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